Hip Intensive with Maria

Datum: 21.10.2017

Zeit: 14 - 17

Teacher: Guest Teacher

Preis: 70.-

Mitnehmen: Yogakleidung

Verfügbar: Freie Plätze

In this 3 hour workshop we will work to isolate, open, and strengthen the muscles supporting the hips, along with finding pelvic movement to help connect us to our lower body. We will create body awareness through breath and strength focused exercises. From there we will flow into more dynamic sequences exploring various techniques to open the hips and learn how to practice progressively deeper and more challenging poses. A great opportunity to work through the common hip opening poses some more dynamic as well as passive longer held ones! We will end with restorative and myofascial release of the muscles around the hips.

The workshop is ideal for any level of practice.

„Much like a lotus flower, the hips cannot be forced to crack open. But given enough time and a patient approach, the hips will release like a bloom!“

Maria Pountou is known for her strong, creative and educational vinyasa flow classes. She is guiding her students to a rigorous yet refined practice focusing on anatomical cues that help educate and inspire them to build mind and body awareness for a better well-being.